Paragraph on Importance of Playing

Not only studies but it is essential to dedicate sufficient time to other activities as well. Playing helps the overall physical and mental development of a child. The phrase “All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy” perfectly reflects the importance of playing.

  • Playing is one form of learning for children. Playing allows children to use their creativity and imagination helping to develop physical, emotional and cognitive strength.
  • Playing helps the child to experiment and try new things. It helps the child to become spontaneous.
  • Playing encourages adults to interact more with their children in one way or the other.
  • Playing lays, a foundation for the development of children.
  • Playing teaches children to understand things on their own. Playing gives them a new perspective.
  • Playing with parents makes the bond between the parents and the child healthy. Playing with other kids makes a child social.
  • Playing enhances a child’s decision making, problem-solving, critical thinking skills. It also makes the child a flexible thinker.

Playing is as crucial to a child as studies. Playing corresponds to the physical as well as mental development of a child. Therefore, it is essential for parents to encourage their children to play and often involve themselves in the same.