Paragraph on Importance of Rivers

Rivers are a significant part of the geography of the earth. They have been very useful to humans from the very beginning of the time. The importance of rivers is not limited to fulfilling water requirements, but it is much more.

  • The flow of river carries around water and nutrients to different areas around the earth. They play an essential role in the water cycle as well.
  • Rivers provide habitat to many organisms whether they are plants or animals. Rivers also provide food to animals. Animals like otters, ducks, beavers have their home on the river banks.
  • Rivers also offer travel routes for exploration or commerce purposes.
  • River plains and valleys provide fertile soils. These are often used by farmers for farming. A lot of farmers situated in dry areas use water from nearby rivers to irrigate their soil.
  • Rivers are also used as an energy source. In the industrial era, shops, factories, and industries were situated near the river banks. This way, the water could be used to provide power to the machines without extra costs. Steep rivers are used nowadays to provide power to hydroelectric plants.

Rivers have their fair share of advantages and serve important purposes in our life. Rivers have been providing support to the human population since the start of the civilization.