Paragraph on Journey by Train

Journey by train is one of the most interesting experiences I ever had in my childhood. In India traveling by train is very common. You will find people from all sections of the society and a lot of interesting things on the train.

I used to travel on trains when I was younger. Once I went on a train trip with my family, and I enjoyed a lot. That was my first train travel, and I was very excited to get into one. The railway station was filled with people and a number of shops selling a variety of things. I saw my father get the tickets and we waited for the train to arrive. Once the train arrived a lot of people got down, and after that, we got on the train. We found our seats and luckily my seat was by the window. As the train started, I was thrilled by the jolt of the train and the sounds it made. Throughout the journey, I could see the beautiful sceneries outside my window, and I loved it so much. There were many other people sitting near me, and we talked to them a bit. I also saw a number of hawkers selling food items and candies on the train.

When the journey came to a stop, I was full of enjoyment and was gladly waiting for the next trip on a train.