Paragraph on Lending a Helping Hand

We all should be kind and helpful and being helpful means we should be ready for lending a helping hand to anyone who needs it. Even if they are strangers, we should help in times of need.

Lending a helping hand to a person shows how kind we are. Helping each other makes the world go round, and for centuries people have helped each other to live their lives. A society which has helpful members is a society which flourishes much faster than those which do not.

Every day we are in need of help from others, and we remember those who went out of their normal way to provide us with some help. Helping others will surely make their day a lot nicer as well as your day. Helping a stranger is not only good for them but also to you. In return for helping them, you get their good wishes and gratitude in return.

Helping someone is serving God himself. Helping others means helping yourself and every time you lend a helping hand to someone you make this big world a little better than it was. So if you want to make this world a better place to live in keep helping others.