Paragraph on Respecting Elders

Respecting Elders

It is a known fact that aging is a part of our life and no one can escape from this transition. As we age, we earn the experience which can get accumulated over the lifespan. Respecting elders is important as they always guide us in the right direction.

Listed below are a few of the many reasons why you need to respect elders.

  • One must respect their elders as they guide us through their life experiences. They are more like the torchbearers for each one of us and the long run of life.
  • Angels play an important role in the growth of a society. They certainly promote culture.
  • Elders always preach and practice good moral values.
  • It is important for the younger generation to understand that elders cannot be avoided and all of us are bound to get old in the future.
  • Elders are like the trees filled with wisdom. It is our responsibility to preserve the wisdom and pass the same to the next generation.
  • One can inculcate the sense of gratitude by serving the elders.
  • It is the moral duty of one and all to take care and look after the elders.

So, respect elders and shower them with all the love and care.

By Maanasi