Paragraph on Robots – Meaning and Importance


What are the robots? A robot is a machine that is capable of carrying a series of complex tasks or actions that are programmed by a human. Robots are also known as artificial intelligence are taking the place of humans in a number of industries. While there are many who are against the thought of the use of robots, there are some who know the importance of these as well.

Importance of robots

  • Robots are great when used to provide security as their vigilance never gets faltered.
  • Robots can reach places humans cannot and provide us with information. Robots can work in places even without food or salary.
  • Robots are designed in a way that they perform the tasks faster than humans.
  • Robots that are automatic do not need any human interference as well.
  • A number of manufacturing companies use robots for mechanical tasks like assembling and repairs.
  • Robots can be used in the interplanetary space as well as the atmosphere there does not harm them.
  • Robots can be used for many other tasks like digging up fuels, for mining and so on.

Robots can willingly do a job a human cannot do. Remember that robots are not naturally intelligent and they help improve the overall result of a task.

By Maanasi