Paragraph on Rose (Flower)

We have often heard the famous phrase, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” from the famous novel Romeo and Juliet. Rose is a popular flower and is treated as the symbol of love and passion.

While we all admire the beauty of this flower, not everyone is aware of some facts surrounding the same. Let us learn what they are.

  1. It is said that the oldest living rose in the world is about 1000 years old and this flower grows on the wall of “Cathedral of Hildesheim” located in Germany.
  2. A rose breeder by the name David Austin breaded the most expensive rose in the year 2006 which was sold for 5 million dollars.
  3. Rose bushes can grow tall and the tallest measured is about 7 meters.
  4. A rose flower can also grow into a fruit which is known as the Rose Hip.
  5. There are no black colored roses. The one that is termed as a black rose is actually dark red in color.
  6. Roses have a long life and the 35 million year old rose fossils found are a proof of the same.
  7. The tiniest roses have the buds of the size of a grain.

Well, these facts look fascinating isn’t it?

By: Maanasi