Paragraph on Save Our Mother Earth

Earth is the home to all the living beings. Mother Earth can be defined as the source of all the living beings and things that are inanimate. The expression Mother Earth comes from various religious backgrounds.

It is important to save our Mother Earth and let us understand why.

  1. We only have one planet to reside on and that is what makes it important to save our planet.
  2. We and the future generations to come need to enjoy the beauty of nature.
  3. Air is the part of the planet and we need air to survive. The trees around us, provide us with fresh and clean air.
  4. Mother Earth provides us with both water and food, both of which are essential for sustaining of humans and other living beings on the planet.
  5. Waste needs to be recycled to keep the lands, turning into waste landfills. All these only leads to pollution of soil and air.
  6. We all need to reduce the use of energy and other resources like water. This will help maintain balance in the ecosystem.
  7. Mother Earth provides us with all we need to lead a happy life and this we also need to educate the younger generation about its importance.

So, let’s all join hands to save Mother Earth.

By: Maanasi