Real Life vs. Reel Life – Short Paragraph

The words real and reel though sound the same carry a different meaning. Reel as a word can be used as a verb or as a noun whereas real is an adjective. Real in simple terms means actual or true and it has a quality of existence. Reel life is often used to explain the world we use in films or fantasy movies.

Real Life vs. Reel Life

Let us now understand the difference between reel life and real life.

  • Real life is way contrast from reel life. Reel life can be more like a fairy tale, which is not the same with real-life situations.
  • Situations change very fast in reel life, which is not the same with real-life circumstances.
  • People adapt in real life.
  • People work hard in real life and wait to see the results happen. Quick and overnight richness can only be possible in reel life.

Now that you know the difference, it is time you stop comparing reel life to real life.

By Maanasi