Short Essay on Advantages of Learning English

Learning a new language always has its own pros. One such useful language anyone can learn is English. Learning English means to gain the ability to read and write English without hassles. English as a language is the default choice of a number of businesses worldwide. The benefits of learning this language are immense.

The Advantages of learning English

  1. English as a language keeps our brain sharp and active. Not everyone is aware of the fact that our brain changes its electrical activity once we start learning a new language.
  2. The ability to read and write English fluently certainly improve your employment potential.
  3. If you love to travel, you cannot find a better language to learn. Our world has more than 50 English speaking countries.
  4. If you are studying, your English speaking and writing ability can land you a seat in some of the best schools.
  5. Learning English also helps gives you added brownies if you plan on immigrating.
  6. Bilingual brains have a lot better focus, and this holds true when you learn a new language like English.
  7. The best ways to learn a language is to write, and by writing in English, you also become a better writer, which can be your new career path.
  8. Being fluent in English helps if you love to travel.
  9. English is a kind of universal language and hence enables you to communicate better with not just people in your own country but others too.
  10. Being fluent in English is a pre-requisite at most multi-national companies and hence puts you at an advantage!

So, now that you know the advantages of learning English polish your English speaking and writing skills.

By Maanasi