Short Paragraph on Advantages of Literacy

A person who is literate can for sure lead a happy life in today’s world. In simple words, literacy is the ability of a person to read and write. We all understand the importance of education and let us now have a look at the advantages of the same.

Advantages of literacy

  • Literacy compressed in individual out of poverty. It shows a positive effect on a person’s life and provides them with a number of opportunities to grow.
  • Literacy also plays an important role in improving the development of the weaker community.
  • Literacy shows an effect on the overall well being of an individual. People who are literate are often more confident than their counterparts.
  • Women and girls who are literate are more confident and see a sudden improvement in their self-esteem which also shows a very positive impact on a country’s economic growth.
  • Literacy also helps the workforce productivity to flourish at a country level.
  • Literacy helps people understand their economic as well as personal freedom.

Know that we know how important literacy is, let us take a step forward to educate those who are in need of it.

By: Maanasi