Short Paragraph on Brain Drain

Brain Drain

Brain drain is also known as a talent drain or highly skilled migration. It is the emigration of professionals and scientists of the trained university in their country of origin to other nations, driven mainly by the lack of opportunities for development of their research areas, for economic reasons or political conflicts in their native country, usually without return.

This phenomenon frequently occurs in developing countries or developed countries to other more developed economies, in which professionals tend to find a better welfare state. The brain drain in developed countries is caused mainly by the possible deficiencies in the labour market, by the lack of demand for a certain job or by the wage differences between some countries and others.

However, this term is not to be confused with the so-called exchange of brains, since the brain drain occurs in only one direction, that is, the country from which it migrates is always the same, and the exchange of brains occurs in both, that is, the same country receives and loses skilled workers.

By: Sanjay