Short Paragraph on Butterfly

Butterflies are considered as one of the most beautiful and fascinating creatures on Earth.

Butterflies and adult moths are harmless, but their caterpillars are often severe pests for plants, plant products and specific products of animal origin. Millions of dollars are spent each year to fight harmful caterpillars.

However, others are important in the pollination of flowers, although to a much lesser degree than bees. The hummingbird moth, for example, pollinates certain flowers while collecting its nectar, the yucca moth places a ball of pollen on the flower of the yucca, where it lays its eggs.

The silkworm moth is the only insect, besides the bees that make the honey, which has been domesticated. However, some people collect and raise butterflies and moths due to the beautiful colouring of their wings.

By: Sanjay