Short Paragraph on Camel

Camels are mammals that are found in deserts. They are suited to live comfortably in the hot regions of the world and travel without any difficulty on the sands of a desert.

A camel can either have a single hump or two humps. They also have a long neck and long legs. The humps are used to store water for the camel to use in case it does not find any water. The deserts can be very hot, and there is only sand for hundreds of kilometers, and so it is called the ship of the desert. The hump helps them travel huge distances in such areas. Camels have been used for a very long time in deserts for traveling since they have flat feet to make walking on the sand easier for them. Camels are also used to carry loads.

Camels are very useful animals, and they are very patient. Since they can easily walk on the sand, they are used for a variety of purposes. They are generally found in Africa and the Middle Eastern countries but have been imported to other countries such as Australia where it has become very common now.

By Vishakha