Short Paragraph on Conservation of Natural Resources

Natural resources, as we constantly hear, are under threat thanks to rapid urbanisation and uncontrolled development. So what are these natural resources? They are, quite simply, either renewable or non-renewable products of the Earth. We must work towards the conservation of natural resources to promote the longevity of sustainable life on our planet.

Renewable natural resources include forests, agriculture, and water. These are natural resources that can be replenished. Conservation of natural resources that are renewable can be done by, for instance, making proper use of water without unnecessary wastage. Try limiting the amount of time you shower in the bath so that you can leave more water for others to use.

Non-renewable natural resources include fossil fuels. These resources occur naturally but their time on Earth is limited, as they are being exhausted through widespread use. By opting for electric bikes and cars, we can conserve the remaining fossil fuel capital of Earth for future generations.

Rainwater harvesting, sustainable agriculture, limiting the use of electricity are other ways for the conservation of natural resources. By adopting these measures, you are a responsible citizen of the Earth, paving the way for others to emulate your good work.

By: Sanjay