Short Paragraph on Eco-friendly Diwali Celebration

Diwali, the festival of lights is now celebrated by many from across the world. The Indian traditional festival has its own significance, where people bring in joy and light by lighting diyas and lighting firecrackers. But, not everyone thinks about the pollution caused by the same!

An eco-friendly Diwali celebration is nothing but celebrating in a way that does cause harm to our ecosystem, and that includes all the living beings. One can start by just lighting diyas and avoiding loud and smoke filled firecrackers. Let us also throw light on its importance.

Importance of having an eco-friendly Diwali

  • Eco-friendly Diwali helps reduce noise and air pollution.
  • You can quickly reduce the consumption of energy by opting for eco-friendly
  • Earthen diyas are perfect and can easily be disposed of without causing harm to our atmosphere.
  • Opting for organic colours also helps to avoid any kind of skin irritations.
  • Loud noises can cause a lot of trouble for aged people. So, you can let them enjoy their private festive time with their family and friends.
  • Opt-in for green gifts and gift a plant to your loved ones. This way you are indeed supporting the green cause.
  • You can reduce any accidents by following an eco-friendly

So, the next time does plan for an eco-friendly Diwali and have a blast!

By: Maanasi