Short Paragraph on Endangered Species

Endangerment means the danger to certain species of animals, and if not controlled then they might face extinction. The number of endangered species is increasingly at a very fast rate.

One of the reasons for the endangerment of species is the loss of habitat at a very fast rate.

Humans are destroying the habitats of animals such as forests and forcing them out from their own homes. With no place to go, they slowly die, and the species becomes extinct. There are several other reasons too such as viruses and the global change in temperature. Marine life is also being endangered due to the change in the temperature of the ocean water and the increasing pollution. Further, hunting activities further endanger the species and if not stopped will ultimately cause extinction.

Endangered species must be protected, and efforts must be made to provide them with their natural habitat for their growth. Scientists are trying to bring back many such species through the use of science and technology.

The reasons must be studied further, and people must be made aware of the dangers of extinction. We all must come together to save the endangered species and protect them.