Short Paragraph on Equality

Equality means treating every human being the same and without any prejudice. It also means fair treatment of human beings from any part of the society and regardless of their caste, religion, and sex or skin color. Equality is necessary for upholding the judicial system and to prevent unjust treatment in any particular section of the society.

The constitution of India guarantees equality for everyone without any discrimination on the basis of any parameter. The constitution promises fair treatment and justice to every citizen of the country.

Equality is necessary for all manner of work since equality offers opportunities to those who truly deserve them and gives them a platform to showcase their talent.

In a society where equality exists people work hard to achieve their dreams and move ahead in life. In the absence of equality, people will take disadvantage of the system and the undeserving people will get away with all the opportunities and no one will value hard work and perseverance.

Equality is a fundamental requirement of life, and we should treat everyone with equal respect and dignity. All human beings are equal, and we should take care that there is no prejudice in the society.