Short Paragraph on Health and Hygiene

Health and hygiene are very important in a person’s life. It stands for basic cleanliness and good habits in someone’s daily life. Hygiene is very important if you wish to stay free from illness caused by dirtiness.

Health and hygiene stand together as if you keep yourself clean, you will be safe from a lot of diseases. Basic cleanliness must be followed by everyone and must be developed through practice. Taking baths and brushing your teeth is an example of everyday hygiene. By taking a bath, you keep dirt and bacteria away from your body which could cause illness. Brushing your teeth keeps your teeth healthy and strong. Similarly, there are many such practices that must be followed for staying clean and healthy. Taking care of your body is necessary since if you ignore it, your body will be riddled with diseases and not be strong enough. Thus, following basic cleanliness routines is a must if you want to stay healthy and safe.

If you keep your body and your surroundings clean, you will be safe from a number of diseases. Having a healthy lifestyle will lead to a better overall health and keep you away from medicines.