Short Paragraph on Helpfulness

Helpfulness is a trait that is necessary for all walks of life. Helping others is a noble quality. Helping others mean making their life a little bit easier when they are struggling and need some assistance.

Be it a stranger or a friend helping others is an act that is well rewarded. Helpfulness is something that makes the world go round, and for centuries people have been relying on others help to progress. Society moves forward due to the helpfulness of the members and the cooperation that it produces within the society. When you help someone, you not only help them but yourself too. Along with them it also makes you happier. You get rewarded not in the form of material things but in the form of their gratitude and well wishes. Helpfulness is something that spreads from one person to others since the person who you helped forwards the kindness to someone else in need. This creates a beautiful chain of people helping each other and assisting them in their tough times.

Helpfulness is a habit that makes the world a little better. Thus when you help someone, you make sure that someone is happy and so are you.