Short Paragraph on Importance of Rain

We all know the fact that water is essential for the survival of life on the planet. This is what makes rain important. Rains fill our rivers, and lakes with clean water, which is needed to grow plants, raise animals and we as humans need water for various purposes.

Let us now learn about why rain is important for us.

  • Rain is the most important part of the water cycle.
  • When it rains the air gets cleared, the water bodies get filled – all of which are essential for life.
  • Rain also adds humidity into the air around us.
  • Without rainfall, most of the land on this planet would be just a parched desert.
  • Rainwater is also used in a number of hydro-power generating projects.
  • Rains are essential for the harvesting of the crops and farmers to look forward to the same.
  • Rains help in the formation of new ecosystems under the water.

Now that we know the importance of rain, let’s all hope we get abundant rainfall every year.

By Maanasi