Short Paragraph on Importance of Trees in Our Life

Trees are the vital elements of the planet. They are the longest living species on the earth. They give out oxygen that we breathe, provide us with food and shelter, maintains the balance of nature and provides housing to wildlife. It is required to know the importance of trees in our life.

  • The trees and canopies act as a natural filter; they trap the dust and pollutants from the air.
  • Many trees are known for their medicinal properties like the oil from the birch bark is famous for its antiseptic properties.
  • Trees benefit the environment by absorbing carbon dioxide that is one of the gases that cause global warming. They also contribute to the environment by preventing soil erosion and flooding by holding on to the soil and absorbing the excess water.
  • Trees are beneficial for the wildlife. Trees form forests and provide habitation and food to numerous species of birds, animals, fungi, insects, etc.
  • Trees are the pillars that hold the planet together and help to prevent natural calamities.

Hence, it is important to grow more and more trees to support the well-being of all the species on earth and to sustain a healthy planet.