Short Paragraph on India of My Dreams

India of My Dreams

India is a diverse country with multiple religions, cultures living together in harmony. India is a developing country, and there is still a lot to achieve. It is fascinating to think how India of my dreams would look like.

  • India of my dreams would look like land with peace, wealth and prosperity, rich in knowledge and culture.
  • India of my dreams would treat people equally, and poverty would be abolished in the India of my dreams.
  • Every necessary facility would be available to everyone at their disposal without any discrimination.
  • A high standard of education, hygiene, medical facilities and sanitation would be maintained.
  • No one would be deprived of quality education or other facilities irrespective of caste, color, gender, etc.
  • Population control would be achieved in the India of my dream, and the problem of poverty and unemployment would be tackled.
  • The India of my dreams would be modern and technologically advanced.
  • It would not disturb the ecological balance and will not disrupt nature in its path to success.

Hence India of my dreams would be an ideal nation with all the fundamental qualities that the developed countries have already achieved.