Short Paragraph on Indian Culture

The Indian culture is the amalgamation of various cultures of different communities and religions. India’s languages, dance, music, food, beliefs, etc. differ from place to place.

The Indian culture has gained popularity all around the globe and attracts tourists due to the same reason. The culture of India is considered as the oldest and most exciting culture in the world. People belonging to different religions, caste, regions, etc. unite to form the country named India.

India shows unity in diversity. The concept of “Atithi Devo Bhava” or guest is god is talked about in the whole world. India is famous for its hospitability and respect towards other people. People here respect their culture and social relationships. India celebrates a plethora of festivals every year with great zeal and enthusiasm. Every region in India has its special platter of food, from dosa, idli, poha, papad to tandoori, India serves it all.

Hence India is a country rich in culture with various diverse communities coming together to form one unified nation.