Short Paragraph on Leisure

Leisure means the free time we get at the end of our day or after finishing our work. It is the time which is completely ours, and we can spend it as we choose to. The leisure time is one of the most precious time for a person since there is no pressure and worries at that time.

We can do anything in our leisure time. Such free times are very necessary for those who are always busy with their work. After an entire day of working you can have some time when you can blow off some steam by doing things, you love to do. We all need to take a break from the fast paced life we live today. Doing things we love provides us with happiness and motivates us to move ahead. It also helps in reducing stress and clearing the mind. However, not everyone can utilize their leisure time productively and often misuse their time.

If we understand how to utilize our leisure time fruitfully, we can learn a lot of things and develop new skills. Leisure time is very essential and how we spend it decides the quality of life we live.