Short Paragraph on Load Shedding

Load shedding means the stoppage of electricity supply due to production issues. When the demand is more, but production is not enough to supply, power companies stop the supply to some areas.

Though this is economical for the power suppliers, they have certain repercussions on the society.

Load shedding has become common in certain parts of the country, and thus it poses a number of problems. When there is load shedding, small-scale industries shut down and decreases productivity. Domestic life becomes difficult, and people walk around in the darkness. Food in refrigerators spoils due, and we are forced to waste food. Students are unable to study properly in the absence of light, and it disturbs their studies. In some cases, patients in hospitals suffer due to a lack of necessary equipment not being able to operate. This might lead to serious results in hospitals.

Load shedding is necessary in some cases, but when it becomes regular, it is a problem. Students and patients are the worst hit. To improve the condition power suppliers need to invest more in their infrastructure and make sure that adequate power is supplied to people and important establishments such as hospitals.