Short Paragraph on of Paper Recycling

Paper Recycling

Paper Recycling involves converting the old used paper and into something new.

A number of businesses worldwide use a variety of printed paper; it can be a brochure or just a business card that is printed on white card stock. All these use a lot of paper, but not every company follows a recycling policy.

Benefits of paper recycling

  • By recycling paper we can reduce the cutting down of trees this in turn will minimize deforestation.
  • Paper recycling reduces the consumption of energy.
  • Not many are aware that recycling of paper indirectly reduced, both air as well as water pollution.
  • Most of the landfills are filled with large quantities of used paper. One can limit to waste in such landfills by recycling paper.
  • Recycled paper costs a lot less than the new ones and this will help you save a lot of money.
  • Paper recycling helps our environment.
  • Paper recycling not only promotes a clean and green image, but also produces a good number of jobs.

Let’s all work together to recycle paper and play our part in waste management.

By Maanasi