Short Paragraph on Population

What do we understand by the world population? The population is the total number of people living in one country or a particular region. But, have you ever wondered if population can be of good to a country or a state? If not, it is time we learn about the same.

  • Without significant population, it is not possible to produce the needed materials to form a state or a country.
  • Every country would require the needed people to maintain its infrastructure, but the population again has to be maintained at a very happy level.
  • Countries that have a good population find it easy to provide a response to problems that arise due to urbanization.
  • Population growth in the long term does increase the economic potential of the country.
  • It is impossible to have a sustainable planet when the population is not stabilizing.

While the growth in population is necessary, overpopulation can still lead to a number of problems.

By Maanasi