Short Paragraph on Poverty and Its Effects


Every country or society sees poverty in some form or the other. It is a condition where there is an immense lack of money and other resources as well. Poverty not only shows an adverse effect on the society, but it also shows a negative effect on the children and their health care as well. Let us try and understand these in details.

Effects of Poverty

  • Poverty can cause malnutrition in children. This occurs when the parents do not have enough money / resources to buy proper food.
  • Lack of money to vaccinate the kids can lead to the cause of life-threatening diseases.
  • Families that do not have money always discourage their kids form education.
  • Poverty can also encourage corruption within the society.
  • Societies that are affected by poverty often see a rise in the criminal activities.
  • Health is one aspect that is related to wealth. Poverty can thus lead to illnesses and lack of proper health facilities.
  • Lack of happiness is often seen in facilities that have no money.

Knowing the cause of poverty and help eradicate it from the root levels. One can get rid of poverty by hard work, proper education and intelligence.

By Maanasi