Short Paragraph on Rainwater Harvesting and Its Benefits

Rainwater Harvesting

We often hear about rainwater harvesting, but do we really know the importance of the same. Rainwater harvesting is a process where the water obtained from rainfall is collected and stored in natural tanks or reservoirs. This allows the reuse of rainwater without letting it just run off and get wasted.

The benefits of rainwater harvesting

  • Rainwater harvesting is one great way to utilize the resources available and cut down on the ever-rising water costs.
  • Once the rainwater harvesting system is all set, there is no extra cost for maintaining it. It is a very low-cost procedure.
  • By collecting and reusing rainwater, you can easily reduce the water bills. This certainly leads to major savings.
  • Rainwater is pure and does not have any chemicals in it. This is why it is considered ideal for irrigation.
  • This process also reduces the demand we have for groundwater.
  • Water harvested from rainfall can be used for a number of purposes like flushing the toilets, watering plants and so on.
  • Rainwater harvesting prevents soil erosion and reduces rainwater runoff.

Now that we know how important rainwater harvesting is, let us start implementing it right away.

By Maanasi