Short Paragraph on Role Model – Meaning and Importance

Role Model – Meaning

A role model is a person who is looked upon by others as inspiration or for imitation. Most of us find role models in successful people and we tend to follow their traits to achieve success in our lives. For kids, parents or teachers often remain as role models as they inspire and influence them.


It is important for everyone to have a role model in their life. The reasons are mentioned below.

  • Having a positive role model is always inspiring.
  • Role models help with self-improvement.
  • Role models can motivate children and help them uncover their true potential.
  • One can know their strengths and see what is beyond their faults when they follow a role model.
  • Role models direct us towards the path of success.
  • People can learn the characteristics of their role model to achieve success.
  • A role model can help you become the “best version of yourself”.

The results obtained by having a role model are great. So, it is time you find your role model.

By Maanasi