Short Paragraph on Role of Youth in Saving Environment

Role of Youth in Saving Environment

We see that there are a number of rules and laws that are created to protect our environment. But alas, many of these are not implemented with honesty. The youth play a very important role in the implementation of these rules and laws. Did you ever think why the role of youth in saving environment is important? Read on to know more.

The largest part of the world’s population constitutes of the younger generation. They can create awareness among one and all and make this planet a better to live on for the future generations.

  1. The younger generation can make changes to their lifestyle to save the environment.
  2. They can make their surroundings, environmental friendly.
  3. They take part and educate their family and society about the benefits of recycling
  4. They can help create awareness about preserving of natural resources.
  5. Can implement methods that can help with pollution control.
  6. Can help reduce waste.
  7. Can spread knowledge about green living in schools and colleges.

Youth have a very important role to play in saving our environment. Let us all stand by them and give them the needed encouragement.

By: Maanasi