Short Paragraph on Rural and Urban Life

Rural and Urban Life

Our human settlements are always classified as urban settlements or rural settlements. The urban areas can include the cities and the towns, whereas the rural areas include the villages or the hamlets.

Let us know and understand the differences more in detail.

  1. Rural areas develop based on their natural vegetation and the urban develop based on their well-planned settlements.
  2. Urban areas are known for their amenities and the opportunities created for jobs and education.
  3. Urban areas, unlike rural have a better living standard.
  4. Rural areas depend more on the natural resources and urban cities rely on the advancements of science and technology.
  5. Urban areas not nature dependent for their daily routines.
  6. Most of the businesses in rural areas shut down post sunset where they are open till late in urban areas.
  7. Rural areas are not polluted like the urban cities.

While there are a lot of pros and cons of urban and rural areas, many people prefer urban areas due to the lifestyle.

By: Maanasi