Short Paragraph on Save Birds

Save Birds

Most of us are unaware of the fact that there a number of endangered birds across the world. This is important to save the birds for conservation as many species are now getting into the mode of extinction. But a number of people still are not sure as to why it is important to save birds.

  • Birds are the first the foremost indicators of changes in climate.
  • The behavior of the birds helped people know about the dangers in the olden days. This is why birds are still used in science to predict natural calamities.
  • A number of bird species also act as pollinators. A number of trees do not spread out until they get pollinated by birds.
  • A number of birds also have mythological significance.
  • Birds are beautiful and they certainly enrich our lives with their everyday presence.
  • Birds have been an inspiration for many inventions, air plane being one of them.

So, all the above factors do make it important to save birds. Let’s do our part to save them.

By: Maanasi