Short Paragraph on Save Forest

Forests are the large areas on the planet that are covered densely with trees and undergrowth plants. With the world population growing by leaps and bounds, people are cutting down forests and converting them into habitats. This can cause an imbalance in our ecosystem and it is important to save our forests.

Reasons Why should we Save Forests

  1. Forests absorb and store the carbon that gets emitted.
  2. Forests are the home to a number of animals, birds and tribes.
  3. A number of people across the world depend on the forests for their livelihood.
  4. Forests provide us with various kinds of wood that is used in your day to day life.
  5. Forests prevent the spread of floods as they absorb water and slow down the flow of water.
  6. They help in the conservation of both soil and water.
  7. Forests are a natural beauty and they help in regulating the climate as well.

Now that we know the importance of forests, it is time we act and save them.

By: Maanasi