Short Paragraph on Save Nature

Save Nature

We are all surrounded by nature. Nature changes constantly and we as humans are making more changes to it based on our lifestyle. There will be no natural resources without the balance in nature. But are we doing our part in saving Mother Nature?

Reasons why we need to save nature

  1. We can reduce the water shortage by taking preventive measures. A number of countries are facing a water shortage today.
  2. Saving nature can help get rid of food shortage as well.
  3. We can reduce the ill effects of pollution by planting more trees.
  4. Surrounded by nature helps reduce stress, which is common with people who lead a sedentary lifestyle.
  5. All humans and other living being are protected by nature, and the consequences can be bad if we try and tamper it.
  6. By saving nature, we can make sure that all the planet’s inhabitants have the needed supply of water and air.
  7. Oxygen is produced by trees and cutting them can show an impact on human health.

So, nature is important and let us not destroy it!

By: Maanasi