Short Paragraph on Save Our Environment

We all need to save our environment from gases and fumes that are omitted by factories and moving vehicles. Even the energy we use can release toxic gases that deplete the ozone layer, which causes a number of health issues.

Reasons why saving our environment is important

  • Environment protects our ecosystem.
  • By protecting the environment, we are protecting the humanity.
  • Forests are a part of our environment and we need to protect them as they provide us with raw materials for a number of products.
  • Environment is the habitat for a number of species of birds, animals, insects and trees.
  • By treating the environment well, we are proving our children and grandchildren with a better place to live.
  • Environment helps maintain the balance in the ecosystem.

The above mentioned are just a few of the reasons why we need to save our environment.

By: Maanasi