Short Paragraph on Save Paper Save Trees

Save Paper Save Trees

We often come across slogans that say save paper save trees. Well, saving paper is indeed saving trees as paper is made from the tree barks. Every year a number of trees are cut down for various purposes and one such purpose is making paper.

Let us now learn as to how we can save paper to save the trees.

  1. Make sure you always use both sides of the paper when writing or printing.
  2. You can always use the used paper for scribbling or while making notes.
  3. Minimize the margins of your documents when you are printing.
  4. Scan and store the documents digitally and use emails for communication rather than regular mails.
  5. Only print the documents if it is necessary.
  6. Never distribute handouts that are not necessary during meetings or seminars.
  7. Make use of recycled or non-wood paper.

You always need to think twice before wasting a piece of paper. We can do our bit in saving our trees by using less paper in our day to day lives.

By: Maanasi