Short Paragraph on Save River

Rivers are the main sources of drinking water in a number of states and countries. A river can be defined as a stream of water that flows into a sea or a bigger river. With changing times and with the advent of technology, all our rivers and streams are getting either polluted or vanished.

Let us understand the benefits provided by rivers as they help us know why need to save them.

  1. Rivers are a habitat for a number of sea animals and aquatic plants.
  2. Without rivers the underwater ecosystem depletes and this in turn shows a negative impact on the food chain.
  3. A number of plant species grow along the river banks. Some of these also have medicinal properties.
  4. Rivers are used for transportation in a number of places even today.
  5. Valleys and river plains are known to be the most fertile lands, making them perfect for agriculture.
  6. Rivers are also a very important source of energy.
  7. A number of animals rely on river for their food and water.

So, now that we know the benefits, let’s join hands to save the rivers.

By: Maanasi