Short Paragraph on Save Trees Save Life

Save Trees Save Life

Did you ever hear the phrase, “Save trees save life”? Well, if you have heard it, it goes without saying that this is more than a slogan. This is the responsibility of each one of us that has to be followed to make Earth a better place to live.

Let us understand how saving the trees would play an important role in saving live on the planet.

  1. Trees are the sources of oxygen. They absorb the harmful gases and release oxygen into the air.
  2. Trees are the most important part of the food chain.
  3. Trees not only provide us with food and shelter, but also are home to a number of species. Without trees these living species might as well get extinct.
  4. Trees prevent soil erosion.
  5. Trees also help control sound pollution and also reduce the chances of flash flooding.
  6. Trees help with climate control.
  7. Trees absorb water and essential for the water cycle.

So, we do need trees to breathe and survive on the planet. So, educate one and all about the reasons why we need to save the trees to live happily.

By: Maanasi