Short Paragraph on Self Control

Self-control is the ability of a person to control his/her emotions when a difficult situation arises. Self-control can not only make you happy, but also plays an important role in your success.

  1. Self-control helps to reduce the impulsive behavior in people.
  2. Self-control can help you get rid of a bad habit.
  3. It helps improve your mental focus and thus enhances the decision making capacity.
  4. One can control their anger or negative feelings with self-control.
  5. It can save you from dangers or from cheating.
  6. It can enhance your leadership qualities and decision making skills.
  7. Increases your rate of understanding things and provides you with an ability to take good judgments.

Self-control is one of those qualities that make you a better person. You not only live longer but also live happy with the decisions you take with confidence.

By: Maanasi