Short Paragraph on Shopping

Shopping can be defined as an activity of buying various goods from shops.

  • You get to meet a number of people when you go out shopping. Malls especially are known to be people friendly.
  • When you visit a mall for shopping, you also get to enjoy food from different cuisines. This works in your favor if you are a big foodie.
  • Shopping relives stress. You get to go outdoors and explore various shops and that will keep you away from unwanted thoughts.
  • Shopping is a good way to exercise as we get to walk around. Most of the times we walk for at least 30 minutes, which is good for the health as well.
  • Well, you need not spend the money every time you go out to shop. Remember that there is something called as window shopping.
  • Shopping gives you a good reason to dress up.
  • Shopping is fun and we get to spend a quality time with your family and friends.

By: Maanasi