Short Paragraph on the Relationship between Brother and Sister

A brother and sister share the most amazing bond ever. We share our joys and fears with our siblings and there are some cute activities that most of us commit together. A sibling is the best friend who is always by your side, what comes by.

  • Your brother or sister can be your best friend. Your sibling can be the best person you have by your side.
  • The competition between siblings helps bring out the best in us. We always try to outperform one another and this brings out hidden talent.
  • A good brother and sister relationship teaches us to love, care and share.
  • The sibling love shared by brother and sister is irreplaceable.
  • Siblings are always quite protective of one another.
  • The relationship between the brother and sister often remains the same even after years have passed by.

If you share such a lovely bond with your brother or sister, do express your love for them on the day of Rakshabandhan.

By Maanasi