Why is unity important? – Paragraph

We all know the fact and vouch by it when we hear it – well, it is “unity is strength”. While there are many theories explaining the same concept, let us have a look at a new take on the same.

What is unity? In simpler terms, unity means to stand united, and it can be for a cause or for an agreement. This is the quality of the individuals of the team to do a task as one by keeping their personal interests aside.

Why is unity important? – The importance of unity:

  • Being united increases the confidence in everyone in the group.
  • Helps solve the most complicated issues in life with ease.
  • The importance of the unity of a nation helps in proper administration and growth. This can never ever be overestimated.
  • Can be readily applied to our everyday life – family, marriage, school, office etc.
  • With people around you and with you, you get the strength to achieve any tasks.
  • Unity works wonders in group activities like charity fundraising or protests.
  • Unity at the workplace will help the work get done with efficiency and on time. Teamwork is essential for the success of the firm.

So, we now know why unity is essential. Let’s all stand united and develop the feelings of harmony today!

By: Maanasi