Short Essay on Benefits of Going Green

Going green refers to the efforts of an individual or an organization towards reducing the impact of their behavior on environmental destruction. One good example is the use of green energy by some manufacturers. That includes adopting geothermal, hydroelectric, wind and solar as sources of energy. What benefits do these measures have? Let us discuss details regarding the benefits of going green.

Benefits of going green

  • Once people go green, the quality of water, as well as air, will improve. That is due to the conservation as well as protection of forests.
  • Solid waste will reduce which minimize chances of waterborne and airborne diseases.
  • Going green also creates awareness and also promotes the use of other alternative sources of energy. In return, the use and dependency on fossil fuel go
  • Did you know that some toxic materials increase health risks such as asthma and cancer? The good thing is that going green can avoid that.
  • It also makes one’s employees feel safe working in the business. As a result of that, they will work well, and it will boost their productivity.
  • On top of that, the business will earn the trust of many customers. The fact that it is going green shows that it cares. In return, it becomes easy for customers to trust their products too.
  • As a business, going green will save you some bucks. For instance, a company can save money by recycling or reusing various materials. Consequently, their profits will increase.
  • It simplifies legal compliance regarding environmental rules set by the government. It also makes one always compliant even years later since many laws keep skewing towards going green.
  • When it comes to the business world, going green would reduce the cost incurred on insurance premiums.


There are many benefits to going green. After that discussion, it is clear that the move is worth embracing. It may be cheap in the beginning. Nevertheless, you gain to come later on are worth the investment. Don’t wait for long because the benefits of going green are real.

By Winnie