Short Essay on Benefits of Television

Television has played a significant role in our lives. The first television was invented and introduced to the world in 1927. By definition, television is a device that puts together a tuner, display, and loudspeakers for the primary purpose of viewing television. While watching television may come with its negative aspects, it also has some very beneficial points.

Benefits of Television

  • It boosts intelligence. Many television shows are educative and can trigger knowledge. There are also educative talk shows which are broadcast on television. These shows give viewers the opportunity to widen their thinking scope and learn a thing or two.
  • It is relaxing. Watching a television relaxes the mind after strenuous
  • It also sharpens memory. Many television shows are aired in series or episodes. Viewers, therefore, need to remember the storyline thus sharpening the mind every time.
  • Television shows are entertaining and trigger laughter. There are many comedy shows, movies and music programs that one can select from and get to enjoy themselves.
  • Channels like the National Geographic educate people on wildlife. There are many educative channels on cable TV, and when you want to learn something, for example, a food recipe, you can switch to the food channel instead of taking classes.
  • It keeps one updated with the current events of the world. News channels keep us updated on the trending topics and events all over the globe. It is imperative to be up to date with current affairs, and television has made this much more straightforward.
  • Makes exercise easier. In present times, there are many fitness channels, which only focus on exercise and fitness methods. Most people do not get time to go to the gym, so this comes in handy.
  • It improves bonding within a family setup. Watching a television program together as a family creates an opportunity for bonding time. That often happens during the evening as during the day family members are doing other things like school or work.


Television sets are now more affordable and available in many parts across the globe. Television is definitely something worth investing in.

By Winnie