Short Essay on Conservation of Forests

Conservation of forests is the act of planting trees and taking care of those available in the woods as they profoundly influence the climate ecotourism and recreation. Forest conservation is aimed at improving our current position and highly focuses on the future

The importance of the conservation of forests

  • Forests produce a massive amount of oxygen required by animals for respiration hence survival and take carbon iv oxide, which is a great pollutant.
  • Other than that, forests house wild animals which are core tourist attraction.
  • Most importantly is that most herbal medicines are from trees. Even some of the manufactured drugs are ALSO from trees.
  • Some trees have rubber which refined in industries to make products.
  • Some trees have edible fruits that help the human body and is food to animals
  • We get timber from trees to make furniture and building.
  • They also hold the soil firm hence preventing erosion hence enough reasons to preserve them.
  • Furthermore, during sunny days we need shelter, and we can acquire this from trees.

What can we do for the conservation of forests?

  • Deforestation should be illegal, and afforestation and reforestation should happen at all cost to preserve our forests.
  • There should be restrictions like no smoking cigarettes near forest areas to prevent fire tragedies.
  • People should also learn how to not only plant trees but also growing them, e. taking care of them until they are fully-grown.
  • Campaigns and awareness should be on the importance of having forests and conserving them.
  • Forest areas should be out of bound. People should not buy land there for personal use because this will lead to deforestation.
  • Just like the census is done to people statistics and the survey should also be done to forests and trees and have data recorded on how many trees and forests are available, and a target should For instance, a certain span we should have a certain number of trees and forests.
  • Trees’ protection against diseases and pests by spraying.
  • Proper utilization of forest resource is also essential. Sawdust should also be useful not just to let to be waste


Everything about conservation of forest is clear. Forests are the lungs of our environment we should protect them at all cost to have a better future in a healthy environment.

By Winnie