Short Essay on Conservation of Fossil Fuels

Conservation of fossil fuels is a critical subject. Fossil fuels are the world’s primary source of non-renewable energy. The fuels are as a result of decayed plant and animal matter that is converted to crude oil, coal, natural gas, and sometimes heavy oils by exposure to heat and pressure. That occurs in the earth’s crust over millions of years.

The importance of conservation of fossil fuels

  • The future generations to come will require this fossil fuels. Over-consumption will lead to depletion. Therefore this will affect the generations to come.
  • For environmental and wildlife benefits. In the mining sites, animals’ habitats are destroyed, and they are forced to migrate. Conservation of such fuels will reduce mining activities thus mitigating wildlife habitat destruction.
  • Fewer power plants. Construction of power plants dramatically destroys the environment. The plants are unsightly, environmental pollutants and are hazardous to humans due to the heavy toxic fumes produced. With the reduction of the use of fossil fuels, there will fewer power plants.
  • Health benefits. Fossil fuels like natural gas, coal as well as oil cause respiratory diseases and lung cancer due to carbon release in the atmosphere. Conservation of the fuels reduces that amount of carbon thus cutting down on such medical cases.
  • Reduce living expenses. Products from fossil fuels are costly. Prices of energy sources always escalate. Conserving energy and using alternative methods will significantly bring down the living expenses.
  • To mitigate global warming. The process of refining fossil fuels into useful energy like electricity leads to the emission of substantial amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, contributing to global warming. Less consumption of fossil fuel products means less refining processes hence less carbon dioxide emission.
  • To make a positive impact. When as an individual you decide to adopt energy conservation measures, it rubs off on the society around you. People are more likely also to start conserving energy.


Various methods could be used to conserve fossil fuels, for example, the use of renewable sources of energy. Depletion of fossil fuels is a significant threat to the world and the future generations. Therefore, it is an individual responsibility to practice energy conservation.

By Winnie