Short Essay on Deforestation and Its Effects


Deforestation is the permanent clearing of trees with no intention to replace them. Reasons for deforestation include availing land for farming. Forests cover a vast part of the world’s area, and they play a very crucial role in the world. Regardless of what might be the reasons for deforestation, it still negatively affects the ecosystems.

Effects of Deforestation

As far as the effects of deforestation is concerned, many lives have changed for the worse.

  • It has led to the loss of habitat for millions of species. Different animal species live in the forests. Due to deforestation, they migrate, and those species that are not quick to adapt to new environments become extinct.
  • Increased greenhouse gases. The lack of trees to act as windbreakers and absorb gases leads to more copious amounts of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Greenhouse gases are contributors to the formation of the ozone layer which leads to more significant
  • Global climatic change. Deforestation affects the global carbon dioxide cycle in the air.
  • It leads to changes in the water cycle. Trees are vital in the water cycle as they absorb rainfall, producing water vapor into the atmosphere. They also reduce water pollution by averting polluted water runoff.
  • Soil erosion. Tree roots anchor soil. Minus the trees, it is left free to blow away or be washed away by rain. Soil erosion, in turn, affects soil fertility. With the fertile highland and tropical soil erosion, the growth of vegetation becomes a problem.
  • Soil erosion leaves the land barren and more vulnerable to floods.
  • It causes disturbance of native people’s homeland. Many native tribes are living in the rainforests in many parts of the world. Destruction of this forests means the destruction of their homes and interference with their healthy way of life.


Deforestation occurs all around the globe. Several measures have already been taken in various parts of the world to counter it. The building of more trees has been enacted, and heavy penalties on those found cutting trees have been put in place. It is a personal responsibility to conserve our forests.

By Winnie