Short Essay on Eagle (Bird)

Eagle – Bird

The eagle is one of the most powerful and largest of the birds of prey. Eagles have heavy heads and large hooked beaks to enable them to rip flesh from their prey. It is a lofty bird that is admired by many. People view the eagle bird as a symbol of power, transcendence, and freedom.

Facts about the Eagle

  • It is one of the largest and most powerful birds of prey. The smallest eagle birds fly faster than most birds and more directly. They have larger wings compared to other small sized birds of different species.
  • The eagle bird has outstanding Of all its senses, the eyesight is its biggest asset. It can detect prey from almost 2 miles away.
  • The Eagles are birds of prey belonging to the Accipitridae There are approximately 60 different species of the eagle bird. Majority of eagles are in Africa and Eurasia. Only 14 species are in other areas.
  • “Eagle” is not the original name of the bird. Its origin is the Latin word Aquila which had its origin from the French word Aigle.
  • The smallest eagle is The South or Great Nicobar Serpent Eagle. It weighs 450g and has a length of 40 cm. However, don’t let the size fool you because this eagle bird still manages to out-fly other birds of the same size.


Of all birds, the eagle comes out as a unique and bird. It is also essential in religion folklore and many other different cultures for illustrative purposes. That is a noteworthy bird that deserves appreciation.

By Winnie